BPH Cosmetic

Balance on Skin 

BPH, a basic cosmetic based on Dead Sea Salt, makes your skin healthy and

vibrant with rich minerals that help restore the pH balance of skin damaged by stress and severe environmental factors.

The basis of all “BPH” products is Dead Sea Salt, with rich minerals and

unique osmotic properties that help the skin naturally to boost its own health.

Basic Cosmetics

 EQ+ Foaming Cleanser

Cleanses ingredients extracted from plant extracts and olive oil

Cleanses skin impurities, makeup and debris with soft foam

Ensuring fresh and clean skin even after cleansing

 EQ+ Skin Booster

Skin Booster creates a protective barrier on the skin by balancing the pH of irritated skin and helping the skin to rejuvenate 

Finish skin complexion by supplying minerals, essential nutrients for skin

 EQ+ Aqua Gel

Soothing Gel with 21 Dead Sea minerals

Made of water droplets contains a large amount of minerals and moisture

Natural mineral ingredients sooth external and skin troubles and locks in moisture

 EQ+ Serum A

Serum with vitamin A derivatives regulates the keratin cycle to help retain bright and healthy skin

Recommended for use only at night

 EQ+ Serum C

Serum is a combination of high -concentration vitamin C derivatives and a large amount of vitamins A and E

High concentration of vitamin C derivative helps improve skin tone

 EQ+ Serum Q

Vitamin Serum is a complex formulation of hyaluronic acid and vitamin A, E, and vitamin C derivatives

Helps to maintain the balance of skin to make the skin is clear and shiny

 Postrase Repairing Cream

Gentle regeneration cream with rich moisturizing and regenerating power

Containing Centella asiatica extract that helps skin regeneration, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, and EGCG of green tea, a powerful antioxidant

Helps to create and soothe skin moisture barrier without stickiness through rapid absorption

 EQ+ Premium Formula

A serum-type essence formulated with a high concentration of EGCG and 21 Dead Sea minerals

Its powerful antioxidant effect helps to regenerate damaged skin

 Revital Skin Mask

Essence mask with Dead Sea minerals that rapidly restore the skin damaged by irritants

Soft sheet minimizes skin irritation, and various active ingredients provide optimal skin moisturizing environment

Easy and quick soothing of sensitive and dry skin stimulated by outdoor activities

Functional Cosmetics

 EQ+ UV Sun Protect

A light and refreshing sun protection lotion for everyday and outdoor use without greasy or sticky residue

Dual-functional cosmetics of whitening and UV protection

 BPH Gold Capsule

A premium serum containing gold ingredients (30ppm), gamma PGA, hyaluronic acid, and 6 petal ingredients

Promotes collagen and elastin generation by recovering DNA damaged by melanin

Gamma PGA and hyaluronic acid provide moisturizing and ensures stable control of pH balance

 BPH Spicule Serum Set

Premium serum creates smooth and resilient skin by promoting the keratin cycle

A new concept skin regeneration technique in which microneedles penetrate the skin, supply oxygen and nutrients, and induce skin regeneration

#303, SK V1, 48, Achasan-ro 17-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea, 04799 

TEL. +82-2-332-9338   |   FAX. +82-2-323-9338


#303, SK V1, 48, Achasan-ro 17-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea, 04799 

TEL. +82-2-332-9338   |   FAX. +82-2-323-9338